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venerdì, settembre 14, 2007

New York, NY — In the heat of fashion week, on September 10, 11, and12,

Ricevo dall'amica Cynthia Karalla questa comunicazione

For Immediate Release
September 6, 2007
Contact: Orlando Palacios

Hi Everyone,I am back and this is what is on the agenda....

New York, NY — In the heat of fashion week, on September 10, 11, and12, Ground Control Productions will host Our Time.
A series of site-specific performances, sculptural installations video, and sound works in a two-story commercial space formerly occupied by a McDonald's at 45 West 57th St., near the intersection with 6th Avenue.

Our Time will consist of the following:A 72-hour performance in which five artist, Miriam Wuttke, Orlando Palacios, Bryan Mesenbourg, Pasha Radetzki and Cynthia Karalla, will occupy the first floor of the store front of the building.
During this 72hour span, the artists will live and create on the site under demolition.
The common ground for the works will be the detritus of our time.
To live – for these artists, during this time will mean to observe, to gather and to document.

This style of living will be both individual and collective.
A continually playing live video stream of the artists in their environment will be posted on

Live nightly performances and projections at 6:00 p.m. by featured participants in collaboration with a larger group of artists listed below.
The audience will be constricted to the pavement while the performers move freely inside and out of the retail space.
An installation on the second floor by Orlando Palacios and Bryan Mesenbourg, that will feature material drawn from the world of fashion (particularly hats). This installation, like the living studio on the first floor, will be visible only from the street, through the looking glass.

List of artist:
Miriam Wuttke, Cynthia Karalla, Orlando Palacios, Pasha Radetzki, Bryan Mesenbourg, Annie Murdock, Erin Ellen Kelly + Miriam Ghana, Wayne Lopes, Peter Lew, Zemi17, Peter Grass, and Pawel Wojtasik.

Also, The Baby Grand Piano goes public info --
London and Paris

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